Review scores don't suit what we do at Kotaku, but the idea that review scores should be killed, that no one should do them just because they don't suit the way that you look at games, is a bit much. Some people would like a number as a measure of quality, and if there are people out there who'd like to provide that,… » 9/15/14 4:04pm Yesterday 4:04pm

October Xbox One Update Will Make Gamerscore A Bigger Deal

The October system software update for Microsoft's frequently-evolving Xbox One console will add a Gamerscore leaderboard that will rank Xbox One owners and their friends by the amount of Gamerscore they've attained in the last 30 days. » 9/09/14 7:00pm 9/09/14 7:00pm

Batman: Arkham Knight Will Be Out On June 2

The new-gen-only Batman game Arkham Knight will be released on June 2, 2105 after having been delayed out of a fall 2014 release, according to a source privy to announcements being made at a GameStop conference today. The game's publisher just confirmed on Twitter, too. » 9/08/14 12:02pm 9/08/14 12:02pm

The two coolest stories on Kotaku this week were profiles of amazing gamers — one guy who tried to kill every character in the massive Fallout 3 and one guy who spends his days hunting the rarest Pokémon in the world. » 9/05/14 1:59pm 9/05/14 1:59pm

I need to go back to Game & Wario to unlock more insane stuff. What's the craziest thing you've unlocked? I'm a sucker for the one where you're looking into a house that a guy lives in while he's looking back at you. I'm describing it terribly, but I put a video of it in my review: » 9/03/14 5:35pm 9/03/14 5:35pm

Read This: A Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe Comic That's Fun And... Smart!

Comic book recommendation: You can set your expectations low for many toy tie-in comics but Tom Scioli and John Barber's Transformers vs. G.I. Joe ongoing comic series from IDW is shockingly impressive. The writing is wonderfully arch, but the main draw is the paradoxically sophisticated-yet-primitive style of Scioli. » 9/03/14 1:00pm 9/03/14 1:00pm

I'm conflicted myself about whether to call myself a gamer. And not because I'm worried about any associations but because it's a bit weird, right? I don't call myself a moviegoer or a reader. Then again, I love playing games more than I love going to the movies. I play games more than I read books, though my favorite… » 8/29/14 6:07pm 8/29/14 6:07pm