Assassin's Creed Rogue: The Kotaku Review

The biggest plot twist in Assassin's Creed history is this: Assassin's Creed Rogue, the least-hyped console game in the series, the one we had good reason to think would be bad, is...a very, very good game. It's a must-play for any AC fan. » 11/21/14 4:20pm Friday 4:20pm

One Year Later, Should You Get An Xbox One Or A PS4?

People ask us all the time whether they should buy a new-gen console? Should they get an Xbox One? A PS4? For a year, we've told people to not bother with either. Now, we think you should make the leap, especially if you're a console-only gamer. But which one to get? » 11/20/14 3:00pm 11/20/14 3:00pm

Regarding post-release review embargoes... Yesterday, I gave readers a heads up about the timing of several of our upcoming game reviews. In that note I mentioned that Ubisoft has stipulated that reviews of Assassin's Creed Unity, based on copies sent in advance by the publisher, couldn't run until noon of release day. » 11/11/14 3:10pm 11/11/14 3:10pm

​Assassin's Creed Unity: The Kotaku Review

Assassin's Creed Unity is my least favorite major Assassin's Creed since the 2007 original. It's also the first Assassin's Creed that I didn't feel better about the more I played it. I didn't expect to be telling you this. » 11/11/14 12:00pm 11/11/14 12:00pm

Hey all, a little more about this from my pal Keighley to me about the vibe of the show (note the middle of his second answer... very interesting!). You'll see that he's trying for a very gamer-friendly tone for the show in what feels like a move to make The Game Awards feel like they're for the kind of people who… » 11/10/14 4:20pm 11/10/14 4:20pm

As someone else who also favors single-player games, I hear you. My gut tells me that the essence of gaming is multiplayer but I still love playing a great singleplayer game more than just about any other pastime. I would have loved Blizzard to have made a great solo game, but it really isn't what studios are doing… » 11/07/14 9:52pm 11/07/14 9:52pm

He was talking about the events of the last few months, which we refer to in this headline as the "Gamergate saga". He wasn't referring to years of harassment. For good or ill, it's likely that that is how this fall—at least—will be referred to when people refer to it. » 11/07/14 2:32pm 11/07/14 2:32pm